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The whole multichain at your fingertips

One click, zero gas trades

Trade across blockchains in one click and at zero network fees.

Trade freely

Trade freely

Normally, to pay for your transactions in DeFi you have to hold the blockchain’s native token, for example Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Not at Catalog. Here, you can trade freely across the multichain. Holding native tokens not required.

Own your coins

Own your coins

Using Catalog, you will always have access to your funds, at any time. Unlike at centralized exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance and Robinhood, with Catalog you retain complete ownership over your funds.

Passive yield

Earn interest on selected assets you hold in your Catalog account.

Ultra Secure

Ultra Secure

Catalog is built on Ren, the most secure inter-blockchain protocol in DeFi. Since its inception, Ren has processed over $10 B in volume and has a perfect security track record.

Free transfers

Free transfers

Catalog users can send and receive assets to each other from their Catalog accounts at no cost.

Introducing Atomic Transactions

Introducing Atomic Transactions

Unlike with other cross-chain exchanges, at Catalog you never end up with a half-completed trade. Trades on Catalog by design always happen completely and near instantly.

From Avax avax to Zcash zcash

Our Boundless Liquidity mechanism brings all the money in DeFi under one umbrella, allowing you to quickly and easily trade for any asset you want.

Crypto, made easy

Sending assets to other blockchains is expensive, slow and stressful. Catalog changes this by taking care of all the complexities for you. All you have to do is place your order.

Catalog accounts

Your Catalog account is your personal gateway into the multichain and the only wallet you’ll need to interact with.

As easy as 1 2 3

Create your very own Catalog account, and start trading on Catalog in minutes.

First, create your Catalog account
Create your very own Catalog account and connect it with your MetaMask by signing a single message.
Second, fill your account with funds
Transfer your assets to your Catalog account to start trading inside Catalog, while earning interest on the assets you hold in your wallet.
Third, complete your first trade
All set. You can now discover and trade assets from anywhere in the multichain. Straight from inside your wallet, with one click and at zero network fees!

You’ll be in good company

Catalog is backed by some of the most reputable investment firms in Web3.

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